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Now Gemstone Enhanced!

Angel Mist is an infusion of plant, gemstones and crystal essences that have been charged with universal and angelic energy to cleanse and recharge the “aura,” which is the electromagnetic field that surrounds all living things and inanimate objects.  Keeping a strong, cleansed aura enables a person to focus on the positive, thereby bringing clarity and a sense of vitality to one’s life.

Over time, we pick up bits of other people’s energy and emotions. These can be positive or negative, but the energy is not ours and can affect our ability to stay grounded and centered in truth. Keeping your aura cleansed and recharged using Angel Mist allows your true self to shine through!  

There's been a lot of repeat customers who claim that it has made a difference. We've decided we don't care exactly how it works, just that it does! See the aura photography below for an example of the affect. I can't make any claims because I don't understand how it works but have received a lot of positive feedback.

Angel Mist is especially useful for:


Cleansing auras to clear and recharge energy - as often as desired


Keeping grounded when you feel scattered, fatigued or overwhelmed.


Before and after consulting with clients – especially useful for lightworkers, healers and psychic readers


Sealing the energy at the completion of a healing session – as the healer or the client.


Clearing your home, auto, office or retail space


Cleansing crystals and other healing tools  


Before job interviews, speeches and tests. A clear aura enhances charisma and should increase clarity.


It's a great pillow spray! Use it to freshen sheets too. Spray a fine mist. *

*Use care as there are essential oils in the product. Not responsible for any damage to fabrics.




Here is an aura before using Angel Mist Aura Cleansing Spray. The boundaries are uneven and fragmented. Colors are weak and not well-defined. 

After using Angel Mist Aura Spray the same person's aura is enlarged, well-defined and has even, strong boundaries. The color is stronger and even the chakras have been enlarged and strengthened.

Note: Use common sense when using Angel Mist on fine fabrics or any ink or dyed surface or clothing. It is liquid and does contain essential oils which could cause damage.

Taking control of your energy body is claiming your personal power of your own mind and emotions. It's an essential step to claiming your power as a healer, psychic reader as well as an individual.  

Directions: Spray upwards several times in front of you, then step into the falling mist. Mentally, physically and spiritually affirm to release all negativity from your being. Repeat as often as you like to clear and recharge your energy. To cleanse your environment, spray Angel Mist in the center and all four corners of the area to be purified, while affirming your intentions for the space.

Ingredients:  Angel Mist is a proprietary blend of Blessed Holy Water, Everclear, high quality Essential Oils (including angelica, frankencense and myhrr) and Floral Absoluts, Plant Tinctures (like tigerlily, lilac and water lotus), Gemstone Chips (including amethyst, celestite, garnet) and Crystal Essences (such as angelite, danburite and petalite). 

Because plant tinctures and essential oils are used to create this product, a pleasant light scent exists which dissipates within 15 minutes.

Angel Mist Aura Cleansing Spray comes in a 4 oz cobalt spray bottle. It is available for shipment to the U.S., Canada and the UK.

For orders outside these regions or to pay with check or money order, email me at Please note that some countries have strict import and export requirements or unreliable mail service that I can't be responsible for.

To order an Angel Mist Aura Cleansing Spray, please click on the correct PayPal button below for your region of the world. I will confirm your order via email once the payment clears. PayPal accepts major credit cards and also debits checking accounts.

Please click the appropriate button for your region because shipping and handling are included in prices

Orders are sent out once a week so expect to receive your Angel Mist in 10 to 14 days.


United States Orders for Angel Mist Aura Cleansing Spray

Prices Include Shipping & Handling to all U.S. destinations including Alaska, Hawaii, US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

Please note that Illinois residents must purchase through Sacred Earth Shoppe using the button below.




1 bottle



2 bottles



4 bottles




Non-US orders:


CANADIAN Orders for Angel Mist Aura Cleansing Spray

Prices Include Shipping & Handling to all Canadian destinations


Price (USD)


1 bottle



2 bottles



4 bottles




UK Orders for Angel Mist Aura Cleansing Spray

Prices Include Shipping & Handling to destinations in the United Kingdom


Price (USD)


1 bottle



2 bottles



4 bottles




AUSTRALIA, S.AFRICA & EUROPEAN ORDERS for Angel Mist Aura Cleansing Spray

Prices Include Shipping & Handling to destinations in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, South Pacific


Price (USD)


1 bottle



2 bottles



4 bottles




Please note: If you want to purchase insurance in the event the package is mishandled, please let me know in the notes section of your order. I will then send you a PayPal invoice to cover the cost of insurance ($1.52 in the US for orders under under $50).


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