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Faeries Oracle Online

Faerie Magic

Faeries Introduction

Seek your destiny through trailing vines and gnarled trees in a secret realm rich with myth and magic...

Enter an enchanted world filled with fairies, a magical world of possibility and power; a world in which you can weave your future.

Merry Meet & Merry Heart; Faeries Oracle Online Reading

The Faeries Oracle

"The Faeries Oracle is the most beautiful deck I have ever seen. Given to me by my twin sister, they are simply not like a regular tarot or oracle deck. Brian Froud (the artist for movies such as Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal) has put his original paintings and artwork onto these oversized cards. Intricate and extremely detailed, each card has a warm camel-colored border, a number on the top right corner and the elegantly scripted title is on the bottom left. The back of the cards is similar to one of the deck's images, The Topsie Turvets.

Every time I read from these cards, I get a different reading from the same card. Each card has many images hidden within the main image, giving the reader a new angle to suit each question and petition. Cards are images of Faeries, not traditional images like an Empress or Fool as seen in Tarot. The cards have been given wonderful names such as "The Faery who was Kissed by the Pixies," "Epona's Wild Daughter," and "Undressing of a Salad." They are read by intuition and feelings. When your reading arrives, sit down with a cup of hot tea. a biscuit for unseen guests, and an open heart. This is one reading you'll return to time and again - - it speaks directly to the heart.

Item # 08WM2302.



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The Wild Folk; Faeries Oracle Online Reading

The Faeries Oracle

"According to the old teachings, witches learn all their secrets from the fairy wildfolk. The Wildfolk Guides 8 Card Reading Reading helps you access those fairy energies that will help you throughout your life.

1. The fairy guide at your left heel holds the key to accessing your most powerful wellspring of vitality, sensual pleasure, and raw instinct.

2. The fairy at your right heel is your guide to emotional well-being and boundless joy.

3. The guide at your left hand teaches you about personal balance and the use of the intellect.

4. The fairy companion at your right hand shows you the way to inner harmony and personal growth.

5. The guide behind you helps you access greater creativity and self-expression.

6. The guide before you opens the psychic senses, clairvoyance, imagination, and vision.

7. The guide at your heart holds the key to spiritual awareness and illuminates your path to eternal truth.>{?

Item # 08WM2303.



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*The Year* 12 Card Reading Birthday & New Year; Faeries Oracle Online Reading

The Faeries Oracle

"The Year Reading may be utilized to gain insight into what the current year holds for the questioner. Card 1 begins at the month of you purchase and continuing drawing 11 more cards represnting the next 11 months.

An interpretation of the general trends of each month is made from the twelve cards.

Item # 08WM2304.



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About Gail Winters

Thank you for visiting my website! My Faery name is Briar Rose themysticfairy and I am an Certified Clairvoyant, a Reiki Master and intuitive angel & fairy reader. I offer readings with Tarot, Angel cards, Fairy cards and more. My goal is to offer you another way of seeing your problems and reconnecting to the magic in your life.

If you have any questions, please email me at

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