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Sample True Love Tarot by The Mystic Fairy

True Love Tarot - Sample Reading

Dear Kimberly,

Gain amazing insight on your love relationship with the relationship tarot reading. This reading gives in-depth guidance on the state of your relationship, from two points of view! Learn what your love interest is thinking about your relationship, and where they see it heading, and get clarity about your own perspective. The relationship tarot reading approaches your connection from many different angles, and helps you to understand both the gifts and challenges of this particular love interaction.

By helping you to see all the angles of your current or prospective relationship, this reading can lead you to make the best decision about how you want to proceed in your love life. As you come to know what your partner’s needs and expectations are, and what they want from your union, you will have a better understanding of the essential lessons and purpose of this particular relationship in your life.

Best wishes,
The Mysticfairy


The Sun
This position describes how you see your partner. What are your innermost feelings, thoughts and perspective on who this person is? If there is anything you are trying to hide from yourself, this card will reveal your deepest truth to you about your opinions on your love interest. Whether you are being overly optimistic, or not giving your partner enough credit, this position helps you to gain awareness about what you are thinking and intuiting. You may find that how you see your partner turns out to be very similar to how they actually are, bringing you a sense of affirmation and encouragement.

This person has a bright, cheerful persona and loves to express themselves out into the world. Confident, enthusiastic and optimistic, your partner seems to be illuminated by the warm light of the Sun. It is important for your partner to see and be seen, to be out and about and relating to people, and to spend time having a variety of different experiences. There is a freshness and innocence about this person that is hard to resist, and they are able to bring a quality of clarity and awareness with them wherever they go. Your partner’s ego is likely to be strong, and may sometime even be a little overpowering, but they probably make up for this with their easy ability to express affection and praise. This person may also currently be in a place in their lives where they feel reborn or they are making some kind of fresh start. This energy of hope and optimism radiates out from them just like warm rays of sunlight. You are likely attracted to their warmth and confidence, and feel a desire to bask in their sunny gaze. The chemistry between you is probably strong, healthy and vibrant.


How do you appear to your partner? What are their thoughts and feelings about you? This position gives you a window into your partner's thoughts, letting you know what they think of you at this current moment in time. If you have just had an argument, or even just met, this position will allow you to know more about the other person’s perspective. This position may indicate how attracted they are to you, or some of their hesitations. Either way, you will gain deeper insight into their mind, and have a chance to gauge where you stand in relationship to your partner at this point in your relationship.

Your partner sees you as a strong and powerful person who has a lust and zest for life. The Strength card in this position shows that you are demonstrating a passionate and instinctive side of yourself to your love interest, and expressing your inner wild nature. It’s also possible that you are currently going through a situation that is testing your strength and will power, and so you are being perceived as someone who can navigate challenging times. Being seen as the Strength card shows that the person you are involved with thinks highly of you, and may even depend on you for your inner strength. There is also likely to be a high level of attraction and animal magnetism coming from your love interest, as they see you as someone who is both sexy and who they have chemistry with. With the Strength card in this position it can be important to let your love interest know that while you are strong and capable, you also can be vulnerable and need help sometimes. Don’t be afraid to show your softer side, so that you can also depend on them for support and nourishment when you need it.


The Moon
What are your needs in a relationship? This position helps you to uncover both your obvious and hidden needs around relationship. This can help you to clarify whether you are getting your needs met in your current relationship. Your needs also can change over time, and so this card will allow you to better understand your present relationship needs and observe whether or not they have changed. Some of the needs you have might seem really obvious and understandable, and other needs shown by this card position may ask you to take a deeper look at yourself and your relationship.

You need to explore the unconscious realms of life in your relationship. You are seeking to feel a deep inner bond that brings you and your partner together even in the dream time. You are also seeking an emotional connection in which you both can express your dreams and fantasies in a safe and protected environment. You want to feel that your fears and insecurities in relationship will be addressed by your partner, and know that you can trust them to support you emotionally. You may also have the need to process old patterns from the past, releasing emotions and fears that have driven you in unconscious ways in the present. Right now you are in a place where you need more of an intuitive and instinctive connection in your intimate connections than a rational or logical approach. With the Moon card in this position, you are seeking to know your partner at a deep level that surpasses that of the mind and of the day to day world. You even want to feel connected on the astral plane. It is important to you that your partner be able to support your needs in this way and also share them.


The High Priestess
It can be helpful to gain a fuller understanding of your partners needs in a relationship to get a sense of whether or not your needs are compatible. This position gives you another perspective on your partner and what they might need in a relationship. They may have needs that they are not expressing directly, or that they are not even aware of. This card position will help you to come to a deeper understanding of both the conscious and unconscious needs that your partner bring into relationships. This can help you make better communicate to your partner when you are discussing the progress of your intimacy.

Your partner needs a relationship right now that is intuitive, spiritual and that has a sense of being guided by the unseen. They are seeking a sense of communion with the divine in their relationships with others. They probably are deeply attuned to their own dreams and visions and depend on them to bring insight about relationships and intimacy. This person has a strong need to feel as if their relationship is a vehicle with which to become more connected to god or spirit. If you are in an ongoing relationship with this person, they may be wanting to expand on the spiritual side of your relationship and explore new territory with you, experiencing the more subtle sides of life with you at their side. They may need you to accompany them to places where they can connect to the divine. If the relationship is new, your partner may be needing to infuse spirit into your connection right from the beginning. This placement also indicates that your partner wants to feel indications from their spirit helpers or guides in regards to what direction to take the relationship and what the next steps are in regards to your connection.


This card position will give you a sense of how you want this particular relationship to unfold. Is this a "right now" kind of person, or someone you'd like to be with 20 years from now? Are you looking for a long-term commitment, or just want to live moment to moment and see how things evolve? This position helps you to understand your hopes and expectations about the form you want this relationship to take. You may find yourself wanting more than you thought from this person, or discover that you need more space and freedom than you had thought.

You would like this relationship to evolve in a balanced way, without too many dramatic highs or lows, but instead a more steady, even pace. Fairness, intelligence and justice are all qualities that you want to see in your relationship. It is also important to you to know that you and your partner will both be putting in an equal amount of work and effort to maintain and support your partnership, without one of you doing more than the other. It is essential for you that your relationship have a diplomatic and civilized quality to it, and that it not become controlled by extreme emotions or dysfunctional patterns of relating. You want to know that you can reason with your partner and that ultimately you will come to a solution that is fair for both of you. Your hope is that this relationship will become a partnership of equals, where you both contribute to the health and vitality of your union, and share evenly in the fruits of your labor. You want to know that communication in your relationship will remain balanced and keep an even perspective on the challenges that you might face as a couple.


The Star
Your partner may be promising a long-term commitment, but not following through, or saying that they're only interested in an affair, but acting much more serious. This card position gives you another understanding of what form your partner wants this relationship to follow. Is your partner confident and clear about what they want or wavering in their decision? The card in this position will allow you to become more clear about what form of relationship your partner is interested in, and help you to figure out whether or not that meshes with your own hopes and dreams for this relationship.

Your partner wants your relationship to develop in a way that is calm, peaceful and healing. This person is looking for a restful love oasis that provides for deep insights and a gentle sense of connection to the divine. They desire a way to escape stress and relax in the soothing retreat of your life together. As the card of rejuvenation and spiritual truth, the Star card symbolizes the magical power of hope to shape and form reality. Your partner wants your relationship to help both of you maintain a quality of optimism and possibility that sustains you in your day to day challenges. They want your relationship to provide both of you with a way to keep your dreams alive and maintain a positive outlook on life. Your partner is seeking to ensure that your relationship brings out the best in both of you, and hopes that as your connection evolves, you will discover a deeper sense of spiritual union and sustenance. This person sees your relationship as a way to gain perspective on problems in other areas of life, and may enjoy spending time together meditating or praying as a way to gain even more insight.


The Lovers
What is happening in your relationship now? What is the current burning issue or area of focus? Perhaps you are worried about your relationship without reason, or maybe there is an important issue that you’ve been ignoring that needs more immediate attention now. Either way, this position gives you insight into the most important areas to focus on given where your relationship is at in the current time. You can get more clarity on what you should focus now on and also what can be set aside in order to bring your relationship to its fullest potential.

You and your partner are currently experiencing a state of loving union in your relationship. The Lovers card symbolizes choice, partnership and connection. Through a spiritual union of opposites the entity of relationship is born. Right now the two of you are experiencing what it is like to be fully immersed in this process of uniting. The love that you share is easily recognized now and you both are able to acknowledge your appreciation and gratitude for your connection. The two of you are clear that you have made a choice to relate to each other and nurture the bond that you share. You may be early in the throes of new love, or entering another cycle of the “Honeymoon phase” of an ongoing and long-term relationship. Regardless of how long you have been together, romance is alive between you now, and you may feel the presence of the divine in your partner. This is the time to maximize your love connection, enjoying the benefits of sharing your life with each other. As you experience the pleasure of your shared love, you can reflect back on what it took to arrive in this harmonious place.


Wheel of Fortune
This position gives you extra information about your relationship that is helpful to consider before you take the next step. You may be reminded of certain qualities in your relationship that you had forgotten, or come to recognize strengths and weaknesses in your relationship that you hadn't yet fully considered. The card that appears here will allow you to gain a broader understanding of your overall relationship and help you put things into perspective as far as the bigger picture and what your next steps might be in light of what you have learned so far.

The Wheel of Fortune card in this position asks you to consider the impact of change and life transitions on your relationship. The Wheel of Fortune symbolizes a change of fortune bringing new opportunities and shifts in your daily life routines. You and your partner may be experiencing many transitions in the way you live together now. New jobs, moves, babies or retirement are all some examples of change that you could be influenced by now. How is your relationship maintaining its own sense of coherence in the midst of these shifts? Though many of these new influences may be considered positive, it is still helpful to consider how they will effect you and your partner. Your individual roles in relationship could also be undergoing change now, and both of you may be asked to readjust accordingly. This could take some getting used to, as you strive for stable footing on rapidly changing ground. At the same time, it is important to remember to take the time to enjoy the exciting new life paths that may be opening up for you as a couple now. This is a time to embrace the present, trusting that it will lead both of you in the right direction.


The Hierophant
This position will help to summarize the reading for you as a whole. Taking into account all the different threads of information you have received so far, the outcome card will tie the reading together and present you with the essential lesson that it is important to take with you regarding the current status of your relationship. The card that shows up here will help you to gain a better understanding of what next steps are most beneficial to take in this relationship, and also give you a sense of completion in regards to what you most need to know about this relationship at the present time.

The Hierophant as your final outcome card indicates that together, you and your partner are interested in seeking wisdom and insight from someone whom you consider to be more knowledgeable than you. As a card symbolizing a teacher or guide, the Hierophant maintains and holds traditional wisdom and an understanding of the cultural rituals that sustain and support long term commitments. Both you and your partner are looking for someone who will hold a place of authority for you, offering you guidance and understanding that supports and enlivens your relationship. This need for outside insight could be an indication that you are drawn towards seeking relationship counseling, but it’s also possible that you will simply be motivated to go and hear a spiritual or religious leader speak. You may even decide to take a class or workshop together, delving into some new field of study. With the Hierophant card in this position, your relationship future is focused on learning more about each other and also the world around you. You want to gain a deeper understanding of life and your place in it, and obtain a deeper insight into the particular relationship dynamics and behaviors that you and your partner share.

By getting two perspectives on your love relationship, you have hopefully gained a whole new insight into how you and your partner perceive your romantic connection. Your understanding of how you both contribute to the relationship, and what your individual hopes and fears are allow you to make new choices and to connect more deeply with your partner. Your new awareness will also help you to make important decisions and gain a sense of peace and clarity around your relationship, knowing that you have gotten a broad perspective of the complex dynamics at play.

As you move forward along the path of love, it can be helpful to remember that there is always more than one point of view to consider, and that with this information in mind, you can succeed in your quest for a fulfilling romantic connection, knowing that you understand one of the secrets of love.