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Angel Card Sample Messages
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Most people are familiar with Tarot Card readings and Runes.  I use the Angel Healing Deck, because I feel it offers additional spiritual help to those who believe in Angels.  Here are a few mini Angel Card Messages.



Angel Card Samples Mini Messages




Heavenly messengers are calling you to pay attention to your ideas and inspirations this month.  Although you may run into some storms in the coming year, these thoughts contain the seeds of guidance to the answers for your prayers.  Keep a journal for Angel Thoughts.



The month of hearts and flowers -- but busy-ness in the world around you is starting to spill over into your life and your thoughts.  This card indicates you should quiet your mind so that you can better listen to the angel voices around you.  During the coming months many signs will be sent to guide you and you need to learn the true from the false.



The angels know that you carry a lot of burdens in this world and sometimess forget to be playful and joyful.  Stress and worry causes you to lose touch with your angel messengers.  You will have some extra responsibilities this month, so look for guidance and plan something joyful each week to help keep your spirits bright.  


Angelic Paths Advice


Question: I need to find a better job.  What advice can the angels give me? 

Record your dreams carefully in your Angel Journal, for you will be given several unusual dreams that will show you a new path to improve some rough spots in your social life.  Watch for signs from your angel spirits that direct you to someone who needs your support (most likely emotional support)  Things will go smoother for you socially, and the help you give this person in need will be returned in the form of a recommendation or job alert in the near future.

Your dreams will also tell you about the timing of events in your life.  Eager as you may be to have changes happen, things will seem to move slowly.  Some unpleasant situations are being moved out of your path so that you can move into the new job and enjoy it.

You are also being advised to do a "spiritual checkup;" to spend time in prayer and meditation, focusing on what you want your life to become

(etc.  Actual reading is much longer than shown here)

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