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What People are Saying About Their Experience
with Claudia Rosewolf

Wow! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to meet a Shaman?

Having sought healing for my restless legs and severe insomnia (through the more conventional modalities) without success, I thought I would try something “a little different”.  I hadn’t heard of anyone who had actually “seen” a Shaman, but it seemed to be something that was being put in my path and so I decided to pursue the idea. 

That is how I happened to “find” Claudia Rosewolf---and what a journey it has been.  Claudia explained to me that we would meet once a week, on the phone, for a forty-five minute “Sacred Conversation”.  I could not help but wonder how a Shaman could assist me with my issues in the “Sacred phone Conversation”, but I was willing to give it a try as nothing else had helped. Now, seven conversations later, I can tell you that it has been one of the most profound and enlightening experiences of my considerable years (over five decades).  In this relatively short period of time, Claudia has taught me how to go into Spirit and discover what ails me and why.  She has taught me to “remember” my power and to encourage my conscious mind to work together for the good of my “whole” self!

For the first time in my life, I feel, really FEEL I am connected to myself.  The compassion for ME; the self-love I have never known, or could not remember, has returned.  I am feeling at one with myself.

We have several conversations/weeks left, and given what a remarkable journey it has been so far, I am more than a little excited to get on with it!!!

 Olivia, Nashville, TN


Claudia Rosewolf’s ability to create safe, sacred space has allowed me to share deeply with other men and connect in a magical way with the spirit.  She brings a strong nurturing presence, and is richly connected to Spirit with the facilitation of her gentle and firm guiding heart.

Matthew, Boulder, CO


Claudia is a loving and exuberant journey leader.  She lends passion and friendship to every experience.  I’m delighted to give her an excellent recommendation having participated in a soul retrieval and weekend retreat.  Her sacred medicine assisted me to discover more about my soul’s purpose that will help me on my path through life. 

Amara, Ward, CO


My work with Claudia has helped me have a better understanding of myself, my family, and friends in my life. Her experience and advice has helped me work through some difficult times as she guides me without judgment to healthy resolutions to problems.  She is a woman with great vision and knowledge and someone I trust.  I have grown to know myself better through her work with me. 

Birmingham, AL


I found my shamanic journeying with Claudia Rosewolf to be wonderful, dramatic, and positively life-changing. I was able to tap into parts of my inner self that helped me to unlock doors and answer questions I had not previously been able to do.  I received great guidance from the Spirits, a Spirit name, and a spontaneous soul retrieval that gave me important information, not only about my past life, but to issues that, in this life had caused me great grief.

I would highly suggest to anyone wanting to do shamanic journey or soul retrieval work consider working with Rosewolf.  My work with her has been invaluable.

Susan, Atlanta, GA


Thank you, Claudia, for the work you did with me.  It helped me to remove blockages between my guides and myself.  During the work I saw myself standing in a field: on either side of me were angelic beings.  What was most amazing to me were the ones standing behind me….as far as my eyes could see were these beautiful light beings.  The message I received then, and have continued to receive is:  They are here to support me, guide me.  All I have to do is ask.  They are so appreciative of the work we agreed to do together.  Thank you for allowing me to drop the walls so that I may clearly see this blessing.   

Gwen,  Nashville, TN


Circumstances led me to the opportunity to have a reading and participate in a very powerful ceremony called the Medicine Wheel Circle with Claudia Rosewolf.

It was a profound relief for me to receive guidance from someone who does not discount the “extra” senses and abilities I had been taught to suppress or ignore. 

Claudia is well schooled in the language of emotions and thoughts and of the World of Spirit.  There is a wealth of wisdom inside of us.  I believe Claudia has a pipeline to that, a deep understanding of it.  I received so much from the reading and the ceremony.  I am reminded from the experience, that I contain seeds of wisdom and that I can trust ALL my perceptions and myself. I am reminded that it is possible to learn and heal without the catalyst of pain. I realized how hungry I am for sacred interaction with my inner self and with others’ spirit.  Some things I learned from the ceremony and the reading with Claudia were so deeply personal, I will not share them here but they are relevant in my daily living.  I am so grateful to Claudia for her devotion to assisting human consciousness in this way.

My seven-year-old daughter also participated in the Medicine Wheel and the power of acknowledging her spiritual self so early in childhood was indescribable.   She describes that day as, “The most exciting day of her whole life”!!! ….and she was radiant and very joyous after her experience in the circle.

What a wonderful gift Claudia shares with all of us who are willing to receive it.

Kate,  Birmingham, AL


Claudia, you are excellent at encouraging anyone to recognize themself for being just themselves, coach them through the unknown.  You are a doorway that opens to a whole new world, always willing to show, teach, express, and believe in magic. Guidance is something you offer in any form.  You are trustworthy, truthful, fearless, and adventuresome.  These are also  what I believe you help others find in themselves.   

, Georgia

Claudia is amazing

#1 Fan

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